Straightforward Pricing

One flat rate. No gimmicks.


* For 1 to 5 headcount, you pay a flat price of SGD$30.00/month.

Puzzled about pricing ?

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How does the 30-day trial work ?
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After sign up, you have 30 days of full access to Talenox app suite. Jump straight into the apps that you need. Or share the experience with your team.

What happens at the end of my trial ?
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You can convert your trial to a permanent Talenox account by making payment. If you decide not to purchase, your account will expire. If you forget to make payment, there is still hope!

Will my data be safe and private during the trial period ?
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Absolutely! We safeguard your information from the moment you sign up. Refer to our privacy policy and terms of service.

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What payment method is accepted ?
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Pay by credit card. Talenox supports automated transactions that are easy for you to manage and track.

How do you determine the billing amount each month?
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The base fee of $30.00 will be charged 30 days after sign up for the next one month of usage. At the end of the one month, there will be a $6.00 charge per user in excess of the first 5 headcount. Users who resigned prior to the billable period will not count towards the bill.

Is there a contract period ?
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Nope! We believe users should have freedom to decide what is best for their needs at any point in time. Talenox makes perfect sense for small businesses who appreciate a solution that evolves with them.