Talenox Partner Program Overview

The Talenox Partner Program helps partners grow their revenue, expand their market, and join a community of companies in the small and medium-sized business space. Scroll down to see more or click on each partner type to be transported to their respective pages.

Partner types and benefits

The Partner Program is a strong and committed ecosystem which helps both our partners' and our customers obtain the most reliable brands available in the market. Take a closer look at each partner type below before determining which to join.


Affiliate - Marketer and/or Affiliate - Reseller

Choose between Marketer, Reseller, or both. Marketers are complementary companies in the HR Tech industry that desire to market together. Resellers are companies that would like to earn from commission-based referrals through their network.


Payroll Expert


Payroll Expert

Payroll Experts are most suited for accounting firms, HR/payroll outsourcing companies, and corporate secretariats that use the Talenox HR platform. Bring your clients onboard as a recognised Talenox advisor and earn credits.

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