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Talenox is designed for progressive consultants. We empower you in the two areas that matter most - access to in-depth HR knowledge and flexibility to accommodate your clients' requirements. Join us today for a lifetime of benefits.

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Service quality and Product quality are inseparable.

We understand the importance of evolving to remain competitive. Talenox is always listening to your feedback and releasing new features. We're your best choice for a long term partnership.


only 6 SGD

per employee / month

  • No hidden costs. 1 flat price.
  • Fresh, user-friendly.
  • Simple to setup.
  • Rigid, too many steps.
  • Modules are standalone or limited in features.
  • New features and enhancements keep coming.
  • Fully localised and updated.
  • Partner / user support is prompt (we're always ready to chat).

Legacy Systems


Setup fees. Training fees. Customisation costs.

  • Dated. Not user friendly.
  • Training is necessary.
  • Simple to setup.
  • Few steps, very flexible.
  • Partner / user support is lacking.

We reward you for growing with us.

As a Talenox Consultant you get more credits as your client user base grows! Credits earned become savings off your monthly business subscriptions -up to 25%.

You only need 20 active employee headcount to become a Bronze Partner




sgd credit / month

You only need 50 active employee headcount to become a Silver Partner




sgd credit / month

You only need 100 active employee headcount to become a Gold Partner




sgd credit / month


every additional 20 headcount


sgd credit / month

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