Talenox-DBS Partnership

Talenox and DBS Integration

Get 3 months of Talenox free when you open a new DBS business account.

The best digital bank and HR software for your business.

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World-class integration for small businesses

Feature 1 - Bullseye accuracy

From Payroll to Bank

Create your bank file on Talenox and upload it onto DBS IDEAL online banking. Disburse salaries in a few clicks thereafter.

Feature 2 - Time-saving

The Simplest Solution

Run your company’s payroll and leave from one central dashboard. Changes made in apps are always reflected in the corresponding databases.

Feature 3 - Complete solution

Latest Statutory Updates

Talenox is always up-to-date with the latest Employment Act regulations, as well as CPF and tax requirements.

Feature 4 - Hassle-free scalability

No Training Necessary

Talenox’s intuitive and user-friendly interface make running payroll a breeze. And if you ever need help, find us on our in-app messaging support, or head to our Knowledge Centre!

SME Banking solutions at your fingertips

SME-specific banking platform

Quick setup

Apply for a DBS business account in 5 minutes – skip visiting the branch with a hassle-free online experience. Your account details are verified over a phone call with a bank representative, and your documents will be picked up via courier free-of-charge. Once your business account is set up, you can start importing your employees’ data and run your payroll on Talenox.

Digital or Business account

Choose the kind of account that best suits your company. A DBS Digital Account requires no minimum average daily balance, while a DBS Business Account incurs no monthly account fee.

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All the benefits in a seamless integration

From payroll to bank — in mere minutes

Most HR software take weeks to months to implement. With Talenox, you’ll need just 20 minutes to import employee data and start running payroll. If you need any help, speak to us on our in-app messaging system!

Payroll, CPF, taxes — Talenox takes care of it all

Talenox comes preset with CPF, tax, and SDL requirements. This means no more manual calculations for individual employees. What’s more, you can export your DBS bank files through GIRO. For a preview, check out our CPF Calculator.

Seamless integration

The most complete banking and HR system for your business.

Talenox and DBS Connected

1. Download Bank File

Export payroll bank file from Talenox.

2. Upload Bank File

Upload the payroll bank file to DBS IDEAL.

3. Disburse Salaries

Set salary disbursement date on Talenox and pay your employees on time.

3 months of Talenox for free

  • Your DBS account is set up and valid in Talenox.
  • You’ve filled in your payment details on your Talenox account.
  • You use DBS IDEAL for paying salaries.

Trusted by  thousands of happy users

Talenox has been a game-changer for us managing our HR and payroll. What was once a nightmare is now a breeze and has saved us loads of time and money. Any business must be on this.

Ben LeeSarnies Cafe

Perhaps the simplest HR software I have ever used.

FriedrichMarco Marco

Talenox's ease of set up and use gave us the confidence to fully take on the HR function in-house some months back. It is a powerful and simple solution, and has clearly given the industry a much needed face lift.


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